Sean Lewis

Sean Lewis - Beachfront Broker LREA

Sean’s dedication and focus in his real estate business comes from the dedication and focus he exhibits while training and competing in the elite sport of Iron Man.

This is one of the rare profiles that is not actually written by the agent – unbeknown to Sean, we have spoken with several of his business associates including clients from Scottwagner Beachfront Brokers and this is the outcome – a genuine profile that doesn’t include the actual agents’ opinion.

Sean has a strong business acumen and is genuinely interested – he is accountable for his slightest word and takes responsibility for answering any question you have very seriously as he understands that buying and selling real estate is a massive life decision. If he doesn’t know the answer to your question he will let you know how long it will take for him to find out.

Sean Lewis – a Beachfront Broker by choice, not by chance.

Recent Sold Properties by Sean Lewis

Brittiny Worth - Sales Support, Marketing and Production Coordinator

Most things that we enjoy in life, including a successful outcome for our clients, require a bit of sunshine.
Brittiny is our sunshine! 
Brittiny is a detail person with 14 years experience in realestate, a lifetime experience in sourcing solutions, motivating people and making the most of everyday.
We are proud to share Brittiny’s attributes and skills with you on your real estate journey.