Kelly Zeckovic

Kelly Zeckovic - Thinkcommercial

Having resided beachside Mermaid Beach for over 30 years, Kelly brings a wealth of Gold Coast beachside and beachfront knowledge to the Scottwagner Beachfront Brokers team. We thank Kelly for bringing her Commercial Real Estate expertise to the cross-pollination of high net worth beachfront and Commercial property owner portfolios.

With a solid work ethic plus a passion for real estate, Kelly Zeckovic has enjoyed a successful commercial property sales and leasing career of more than 20 years.

Kelly has negotiated a multitude of multi-million dollar sales transactions as well as many small sales and leases. The enthusiasm she has for commercial real estate has given her the opportunity to represent jobs of all sizes and types.

With unmatched market insight and advanced marketing strategies, Kelly leads the way with integrated print, digital, outdoor and direct marketing campaigns that connect with commercial property buyers and maximises the value of every property she transacts.

Her familiarity with tried and tested techniques gives her the unique ability to tailor an approach to suit any property and achieve the greatest outcome.

It’s no wonder that she continues to outperform the market across the commercial, industrial and retail sectors, always delivering the best results to her vendors.

Her local knowledge of the Gold Coast is value-added to every campaign, ensuring that your investment is in the best hands.

With every property, Kelly employs experience, enthusiasm, energy and takes genuine care to deliver the best results. 

Please feel free to contact Kelly on 0418 790 201